PC, Inc. has been providing medical billing and coding services to Alaskan Healthcare Providers for over 30 years Healthcare Billing Solutions

Why Choose PC, Inc.
Committed to Quality, Compliance and Personal Service

PC, Inc., founded in 1979, has maintained a steadfast commitment to quality, compliance and personal service for each of its' clients. Our goal as a company is to offer a coding and billing solution for any medical specialty.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated and driven to obtain excellence in revenue recovery for Alaska’s healthcare professionals.

PC, Inc. offers a complete, customized package for all of your coding and accounts receivable needs. You can put your focus on your patients and their needs also allowing you to streamline your office or practice and become a more efficient and caring environment.

You can be assured that your patient accounts are being handled by professionals, with many years of experience, who are up to date with the latest rules and regulations.

You can increase collections. Our daily billing practices, along with our extensive knowledge and experience in revenue recovery, enables us to bill and collect with maximum reimbursement. This provides for a consistent revenue stream.

By outsourcing coding and billing, you avoid employee expenses and down times during vacations, sickness, and emergencies, which can bring your coding and billing process to a halt.

Serving The Medical Community is Our Business!

Medical Billing and Medical Coding Services for Hospital-based physicians and Medical Practices in Alaska

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